Editor in Chief - The Diary of a Natural Gal - JamilaJamila is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Diary of a Natural Gal. She works for the federal government by day & shares her secrets about hair, fashion, beauty & more by night. She created this website to be a positive platform for women to come & share their secrets without the fear of being judged. Jamila also created the meet-up group, The Diary of a Natural Gal’s Naturalistas in the City, for the chance to touch basis with other natural gals within the DMV area that would like to build a sisterhood & enjoy one another; the responses & reviews of this group have been wonderful!

Jamila currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband & son; both who are excited about her new ventures in the blogosphere & abroad. In the upcoming future she plans on expounding The Diary of a Natural Gal into a non-profit organization focused on the development of minority girls’ inner & outer beauty against society’s standards. Jamila plans on starting in Baltimore first & then taking on the road so be on the lookout.


Michelle's Bio PicMy name is Michele; I was born and raised in Washington, DC on a cold winter day in 1982 (lol).  I’m a total product junkie of all things hair related and especially makeup.  I love to go out and eat; I’m a lover of wine, and a good cocktail.   I’m a single gal in the city who just loves to have fun, hang with family and friends, write poetry, making sure my fro is always on point, and beating my face! Check me out in my column called Mimi’s Open Book where I share my dating experiences, poetry & more.


Sieta BioI’m Sieta, a 20-year-old Afropean science student, who is quiet by nature but outspoken when prompted. I’m a lover of history, social issues and natural hair. Debates, reading and blogging are some of my hobbies. Someday I hope to revolve my life around travelling and learning. Join me for some commentary in my column Moderne Meid Mouths Off; trust me you won’t be disappointed.


Kisha BioKisha is the founder & owner of accessory line Karizma Inc. & Fashion Editor for The Diary of a Natural Gal. She is a stylist, lover of art, yoga, Africa and great wine. Her obsession with fashion and style is deeply rooted; she notes her style icon as her sassy grandmother where she grabs several of her fabulous pieces you may see her rock. Kisha is inspired by Lisa Bonet’s Bohemian flair, Solange’s modern eclectic glow and anything African-inspired. If you’re in the ATL you can almost most definitely catch Kisha at your local thrift store, dive bar or The High Museum. Check out Kisha’s Karizma’s Kloset column for fashion, DIY ideas & great trendsetter interviews.


Chimere BioFor Chimére L. Smith, discovering makeup over a decade ago was more about appearing beautiful and rebelling against her mother upon entering college than mastering actual application technique. Now, mastering makeup application and skin care techniques has become an essential part of her business, Face2Face Beauty & Design. As FashionAwardsMD’s 2012 Emerging Makeup Artist award recipient, Chimére has studied under makeup legend, Reggie Wells, long-time makeup artist to media giant, Oprah Winfrey, and created some of Grammy nominee, Carolyn Malachi’s hottest makeup looks during her promotion of “Lions, Fires, and Squares.”  Most clients would agree that Chimére brings more than her makeup brushes to any opportunity; her humor, positive attitude, and compassion keep a steady number of referrals pouring in.  She is truly a ‘makeup artist with a heart.’  Her work has been featured in ESSENCE Magazine’s Hot Hair, The Washington Post, and on WTTG’s Fox-5.  Chimére shares Face2Face Beauty & Design’s mantra of ‘making you up to showcase your best;’ every woman is already a testament of beauty and should be confident enough to know makeup is just a wonderful enhancement, not a cover up. She is a freelance artist with cosmetics giant, MAC Cosmetics, and is overjoyed to be able to pair her love of makeup and writing with readers of The Diary of a Natural Gal.


GeGe BioMy name is Nkenge Jones….for convenience I go by GeGe. I was born and raised in Washington, DC but reside in Montgomery County. Music is life and my mood is usually the DJ. I write poetry from time to time but usually when my soul needs a release. I love art and local artists, I need to try to get out to more events. Jay Z is my favorite rapper, Jill Scott is my big sister (in my head), my daddy is the greatest man (I’m biased) and if I could wear flip-flops every day I would. I currently work for Montgomery County Government in the Department of Health and Human Services. You can find me in my column, Writers Block.


Kendell BioKendell Lenice has been writing as soon as she was able to hold a pen, and has been giving advice just as long. She is now thrilled to do both as the Lifestyle Editor for The Diary of a Natural Gal, writing about Love & Relationships. Kendell is the author of “Lifetime Membership- No Expiration” and the contributing writer of “Dear Lord, I think I married the wrong person.” She also has penned several songs for upcoming artists. Kendell has a passion to help and encourage others to live their best lives. She lives by her motto: “You are a STARR, so don’t let anyone dim your shine.” Visit Kendell in her All For Love Column.

One response to “THE DIARY’S TEAM

  1. I had no idea this page was made up of many fabulous women, in which has been inspiring. I have been stuck on this page for the last few minutes, my intention was to read and comment on the latest post…LOL. Can you tell that I’m a fan.

    Thanks for sharing your views, ideas, postivity, and aspirations with us all! .Take care.

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